QB Test for ADHD

QB Test for ADHD | London

At the First Step ADHD Clinic we can include the QB Test for ADHD where needed at an additional cost.

The QB Test for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders can help as a diagnostic aid as it helps to –

  • Diagnose and rule out ADHD with greater confidence*
  • Optimise treatment objectively
  • Enhance communication with your patients/schools

When do we consider a computerised check for ADHD?

The QB test is not needed in the most obvious cases of attention deficit hyperactivity with clear signs of overactivity and impulse control difficulties. Majority of the children and adolescents we see fall in this category. However, girls and a small number of boys present primarily with inattention and executive dysfunction and often teacher questionnaires fail to provide corroborative evidence to make a diagnosis. We tend to use the QB Test for ADHD in these circumstances only rather than as a routine to save on costs.

Is computerised Test for ADHD diagnostic?

No! The test in itself is not diagnostic but an aid or tool. For instance, learning disability, acute anxiety/depression or psychosis could easily lead to false positives. A detailed developmental history, mental state examination is thus vital and the conclusions will be drawn by the given psychiatrist on the basis of all collated information.

QB Test for ADHD does compare your child matched for age and gender and is fairly objective.

QB Test for ADHD

Who can use the QB test? What are the costs?

The test is valid age 6 to 60 years.

Done alone, we would charge £250.00, however, if this was done as a part of comprehensive ADHD assessment with our service, we would discount this to £150.00 plus charges equal to two meetings (£400 initial and £200 for any follow-up). Please refer to our fees here.

What does the QB test for ADHD do?

The QB is a computerised continuous performance test lasting 15-20 minutes. The subject follows simple instructions to hit the space bar on the keyboard after certain prompts. The computer tracks movement, reaction time, errors or omission and commission comparing it to control norms and thus provides an objective report as shown below.

QB test for ADHD

Where can I find out more about the research on the continuous performance tests for ADHD?

More information is available here – https://www.qbtech.com/adhd-tests/clinical-research