Fees for Psychiatry and Psychological Assessments & Treatment

Fees: Child Psychiatry and Psychological Assessments
Our fees explained

Thanks for considering First Step Clinics where we aim to be open and transparent about our Fees for Child Psychiatry and Psychological Assessments. The fee structure is same for Adolescent Psychiatry and Young Adults as well.

The Initial Assessment by the Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, the first appointment has a tariff of £400.00 for 50 minutes – this fee includes a clinical summary with the agreed care plan emailed to you electronically.

Any follow-up meetings with the Consultant Psychiatrist is £200.00 for 30 minutes – this includes a brief summary letter where needed, often done periodically.

ADHD assessments: A full assessment requires a minimum of two meetings. Complex high risk cases may need more than 2 meetings. The minimum cost is £600.00 split between two meetings – £400.00 for the first meeting of 50 minutes. The second meeting is £200.00 (30 minutes) for discussing findings and arriving at a care plan. Between meetings we would use of Vanderbilt / SNAP Questionnaires among other screening tools as appropriate. We can offer a remote QB computerised continuous performance check for ADHD where needed at an additional cost of £150.00 (these additional charges may not be covered by your insurance provider such as BUPA/AXA). Medication follow-up monitoring will be as per the follow-up meeting charges displayed above i.e. £200.00 per review. Once medication is established we support shared care so your GP may take over prescribing, this is entirely at their discretion. The above tariff does not include assessment of autism, dyslexia or other learning disabilities – these are usually done via educational psychologists.

Standalone QB test for ADHD: If done outside of a full ADHD assessment, the we offer the QB check for £250.00

Cancellations policy for Fees: Child Psychiatry and Psychological Assessments and Treatments. A full fee is payable if appointments are cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled date and time. For all other cancellations, a £25.00 service charge is levied and remaining amount that is pre-paid will be refunded in 2 weeks.

Payment shortfalls by health insurance providers due to an excess on your policy, co-pay arrangements or any other reason will have to be paid for by the patient/parents.

Unpaid debts: Any fees unpaid despite reminders may lead to the debt being passed on to a credit recovery agency at the discretion of the given clinician/s. We appreciate life circumstances change and where appropriate, you may seek to pay in instalments with our approval.